Race Directors: No More Unisex Shirts!

Let’s talk about one thing that drives me crazy about 1/2 Marathons: The Unisex Race Shirts.  Race directors are missing a huge opportunity by not offering shirts that are specifically for women.

Kudos to the races that have figured out that MORE WOMEN run half marathons than men.

The fact is that more women than men have been running and finishing half marathons  since 2005.  In RunningUSA.org’s 2012-13 Annual Report, they found that for 2012-13, 60% of the finishers of the half marathon distance in the U.S. were women. That’s 1,110,000 gals crossing the finish line.

There is no excuse for not offering shirts for women. (I’m talking about the shirts you get for signing up for a race, not the additional swag available for purchase. )

So tell me race director, why are you cheaping out and not ordering shirts fit for women?

I am tall (5’9) and busty and a men’s small is too big on ME. What are the 5’4″ women going to do about those tech shirts that are dresses on them?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but women are built differently than men. The problem with the Unisex shirts is they just don’t fit. The shoulders are too wide, they are bulky and drapey on our bodies–there is too much fabric–and I can’t speak for all runners, but as a rule, extra fabric waving in the wind as you run is not a good thing. The necks are too high. In sweatshirts  and hoodies the kanga pockets take up most of our torsos.

They. Just. Don’t. Fit.

It’s time for race directors to take a long, hard look at the facts. More women are running and finishing half marathons than men. Offer shirts for both sexes. Do you know what that is? FREE ADVERTISING because the shirts will get worn again and again in other races, on training runs, to the gym, and so on.


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