Finding the time…

4simplerulesI know I’m not the only one who struggles with finding time to fit in a run, especially the longer ones. We have jobs and family and pets and kids and hobbies and commitments and…the list is long, none of them are truly excuses, but prioritizing can be hard, especially when it’s making time for YOU and only YOU when kids and spouses and jobs and pets and life are pulling on you…

As for me, I’m single with a Labrador Retriever (chocolate), a freelance writer (3 current writing gigs), and a part time job at a fitness studio (health insurance, kick ass clients, co-workers, and free classes).  It’s a mix that mostly works for me.  Oh, you noticed that mostly?  That’s about time. I work typically 10-16 hours a day Mon-Fri and 4-9 on at least one and often both weekend days. That’s what it’s like being in business for yourself, living alone in one of Los Angeles’s higher rent neighborhoods, having a car payment, student loans, and a social life.

Oh, and don’t forget running. We all know what an expensive hobby our chosen sport is. From race entries, to shoes, to swag, to training gear, to sports bras, to flights, hotels, food, and so on. It all costs.

So we work. If you’re me you work a lot because cash is king and the faster I get assignments written and filed and billed and paid, the more I can take on. The more I take on, the more I make.  Mamas (and Papas) don’t let your babies grow up to be freelance writers. Seriously. It is a hard (but fulfilling) life.

So finding the time to run or go to the Bar method can be a challenge, especially when I am focused on writing.

What do I do in this case? Commit to the Bar Method’s January Challenge of 18 classes, decide to run 4 half marathons and a 10k in 7 weeks, commit to TWO MARATHONS and plan 14 half marathons, and take on a 30 day plank challenge.

For some odd reason, I’ve always been able to get more done when I have more to do. Give me extra time and I will fiddle it away. Jam pack my schedule and I’ll get more done than three people do combined.

And I do know that I’m lucky. I have a fairly flexible schedule. I could get up and run RIGHT NOW and come home and finish writing one of my articles for Celebrity Net Worth. Or I can do that at 10am. Or noon. Or 3pm.  Or, you know, I can get up at 7am and go run for 1-2 hours and THEN work. But not when deadlines are weighing on me.  I get up, walk my dog, sit down at desk, and next thing I know it is 2pm and I’ve been writing for 6 hours.

So I find myself running at very odd times. Have writer’s block? Run. Article not finding the tone I want? Run. Switching from writing for my home renovations client to Celebrity Net Worth? Run. Angry? Run. Stressed out? By all means get out there and RUN.

My goal in this new year is to instill a more normal training schedule. Run in the mornings or in the evenings, depending on my schedule that day, but get in 37-40 miles per week. I’m running the Orange County Marathon 5/4 and San Francisco on 7/27 and I MIGHT add a 3rd in there in June or October, so my plan is to get in and stay in marathon shape for the better part of this year. And yes, that is both daunting and terrifying. After all, I may run a ton of half marathons, but I’ve never run a full 26.2 . 17 miles is the longest run I’ve ever done in my entire life.

Also, I’m turning 45 in April and I have this idea that I want to be the fittest I’ve ever been when that happens– and I was a ridiculously fit teen-20-early 30 something so this is a challenge.

What do you struggle with in training? Finding the time? Motivation?



  • I am also more productive when I have the most going on. It forces me to really focus instead of wasting time.

    I’m good with routines and struggle the most when they are broken. A crazy week at work or an unexpected trip can really throw off my training – everything from doing the runs to getting to the grocery store and eating healthy. I need to be better at rebounding from the unexpected!

    • I’m good with routines too. I also know I am best if I get the run in before I sit down to my laptop. HA! Might help if I turned it off before bed. Just waiting for it to reboot might be enough to keep me from sitting right down to attend to work, looking for more work, etc.

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