Things that drive me crazy…

knee(this will be an ongoing series)

If one more person this week asks me “Don’t your knees hurt when you run?” I cannot be responsible for the amount of  sarcastic vitriol in my reaction.

No, my knees don’t hurt because I take the time to make sure they don’t with cross training and proper form and the right shoes for my foot and gait. If my knees bothered me, I would not be a runner.

So, just because YOU have bad knees that make running difficult don’t assume that all runners suffer from the same fate.

I have bad shoulders and rotator cuff issues and a lower back that tends to spasm. I don’t walk around asking everyone “Do your shoulders hurt?” or  “Doesn’t that bother your back?” because my physical ailments/weaknesses/limitations are MINE. Yours are yours. Capiche?