Life’s a Beach

20140201-165753.jpgWe were up early and at the expo by 10am today. In and out in under 45 (I HATE lingering at expos) and off to take my Canadian BFF for a little sightseeing.

You see, Sigrid has been to Southern California to see me and/or run with me countless times at this point. We, being the women and friends we are, ALWAYS over schedule our time together. Dinners with friends (Sushi Friday night with Victor and Jessica, for instance), usually a USC tailgate and game, whatever Broadway show or Cirque du Soliel is in town…plus a half marathon. We never stop. We like it that way.


So there has gotten to be a running joke about there being no ocean or beaches in Southern California because we never have time when she visits to go to the beach.

Well, I remedied that today.


This is our 10th race (9th) half marathon together. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing friend who shares in this little running obsession I have.

A bit later we are off to dinner with another running friend, Ebony, and then we will come back to our room and indulge in our favorite pre-race ritual: CBS’s 48 Hours and a glass of wine. We are both true crime junkies. ūüėČ