Up next: The Magic Kingdom

february-24-2013-princess-half-marathon-medal-disneyworldTwo weeks to go. But until then it will be nose and fingers to keyboard while I get current weeks’ work done AND work ahead for the week I am gone.

Posting will be lighter than usual until post vacation, I fear. I just don’t have the bandwidth for anything but work. Even training is slightly derailed.

Client 1: 24 articles to go.

Client 2: 28 articles to go.

Client 3: 50 to go (shorter pieces)

Client 1, project 2: 40 to go (even shorter pieces)

So you can see my issue there. In the meantime, you can catch my regular writing on CelebrityNetWorth.com and YourDailyScoop.com and soon I will relaunch my site GridironGoddess.net.

Longer posts few and far between until after Florida.