Try as I might I will never master running OR writing…


…and that is why both disciplines are so great for me.

As I sit here today, desperately trying to get some work done (yes, on a SUNDAY), it occurs to me that my chosen career and chosen sport have a lot in common.

I am a writer. And the more I write, the better I get. However, writing is not a profession that you ever stop growing in, improving, and learning from.  You do not master writing.

And sometimes, no matter how great the desire, or how urgent the deadlines (editor imposed or financial need) I just CANNOT write. Today I woke up ready to tackle a busy writing day across two amazing clients who I love writing for. And what did I hit? That damned WALL.

Running is very similar. No matter how great the desire to run, or be faster, or get better, it is not a discipline that one ever truly MASTERS.  Like writing, there is always room to improve.

Life is a journey of self discovery. I feel lucky to have discovered the career and the sport that inspire me and to also have amazing people in my life. I’ve made a lot of changes in the last 12 months, eschewing jobs and situations and relationships that did not work for me, serve my greater good, or make me happy.

What has emerged is a happier, more content, more energetic, less angst ridden person. And those traits are essential for both the kind of writing I do and running.

Just as some days writer’s block (today in the form of a brain full of cobwebs and extreme need to take multiple naps) deters my writing, some days inertia deters running.

Both disciplines require rest to truly be at my best. The challenge is recognizing when I need that rest and not fighting it.

Like I said, life is a journey of self discovery.