You Only Get One Life & It’s Up To You To Make It What You Want It To Be…

choosehappyWe only get one life. If something isn’t making you happy, change it. It really IS that simple. I never could have imagined seven years ago when I was out of work and lost that today I’d be making my living, and quite a good one at that, as a full-time freelance writer. When you work hard, sometimes your dreams do come true.

I never could have imagined three years ago, when I was recovering from a bad back injury that laid me up for four weeks, (I had to slither along on my stomach to the bathroom and spend 30 min trying to pull myself up while in excruciating pain because I could not actually move my legs) that I’d be the runner I am today, that I’d have 18 half marathons (so far) under my belt, 19 planned for 2014, and be training for my first marathon.

There was a time, not that long ago, when I could not see how I could get my life back on track. But I did, and if you are struggling, know that you can too. You must be true to yourself. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Know that when something doesn’t feel right, there is a reason. Don’t try to push something that isn’t working to force it to work. It isn’t working for a reason.

Instead, step back and examine why you are forcing a situation, job, relationship, or friendship so hard. Stop blaming others. Stop blaming yourself. Sometimes jobs and relationships and friendships and THINGS in general don’t work out.  Just because they haven’t yet doesn’t mean anything and that sense of entitlement and chip on your shoulder over what you SHOULD have is doing nothing but holding you back. One day all of those things will work out when they are right, when you are true to yourself, and when you get out of your own way.

Recognize the role you play in your life. If the same patterns keep happening over and over again, realize that the only common denominator in those situations is YOU. For me, I had a string of job issues that were not working out. Why? I was pursuing gigs that were not RIGHT for me. I’m a writer, not a tech recruiter. I’m a writer, not an office manager. When I got real, so did my writing career.

I’m telling you from experience that if you have to work that hard at figuring out why you aren’t feeling like it’s right or pretend to be someone you aren’t to make something work — it isn’t right.  That is something I’ve learned in my career, with my family, in my friendships, and in my relationships.

When you get all parts of your life in alignment with your true self — baby, it’s a beautiful life!