Choose happy…

happyOh hell yes, another “Amy is in a fucking good mood” post. I was running errands today, absentmindedly wandering through the store, caught up in my own head, thinking about my upcoming trip, my run on Saturday (training), all the work I have to finish before I leave next week when a woman said “Pardon me.”

I looked up and she said “I’m sorry to bother you, but you just have the best energy and I can see your year unfolding so clearly before you and it is fabulous, nothing but good things, in life, work and love. Whatever it is that you’ve struggled with recently and in the past few years is over. There’s nothing but happiness and love and success in your future.”

Well I have to say, that made my day.

In more running related news I’m having my monthly conundrum of “Do I sign up for a bunch of Rock n Roll races today with the discount they give on the 13th or do I wait…”  So far I’m waiting. I’m planning to run RnR SF in April, but just don’t feel like fully pulling the trigger on that one yet for whatever reason.  Will probably do after my trip and then the San Diego 1/2 marathon in a few weeks.  It’s all good.

In wine news– isn’t it so disappointing when you open a bottle of wine that you remember liking and it’s not good? DarkHorse Cabernet. Too smoky for me. So I opened the Trapiche Malbec instead.

Have a wonderful day!


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