a good valentine’s day…

674I’m not a huge believer in Valentine’s Day. I mean sure, if you’ve got a sweetie or kids, by all means celebrate. But if you don’t, eh, it’s no big deal. It’s just a day.

That said, I had a great day. I found out one of my articles has had over 2 million views in 48 hours. That’s pretty exciting.

I started the day with a short run. Unfortunately all I have time for right now are SHORT runs. (4 miles or less)

I got a TON of work done, and more work nearly done that I will finish up tomorrow.

I splurged on a lovely new handbag during the kate spade secret sale. Seriously. $460 bag on sale for $159, how could I NOT splurge?!  I’m a believer in having fewer bags of higher quality rather than a lot of cheap, poor quality bags that will fall apart quickly. I want to be buried with my Chloe Paddington bag when I die. My first Prada (city shopper!) is circa 1995 and alive and well and still in circulation as are my kate spade Sam bags, my Fendi baguette, and my Louis Vuittons. I really wish backpack handbags would come back in style as I ADORE my Prada backpack and it just sits in my closet awaiting its turn again. (Someday Prada backpack, someday!)

It has been a long time since I’ve bought a new “important” bag. It felt good to be able to do so.

I worked a shift at the Bar Method with my girl Ash. It’s her birthday and I loved seeing our clients celebrate the special gal she is.

And while a dear friend invited me out to dinner with him and some single gals friends, I opted to stay in and work. If I get 2 more articles written, I can write off that kate spade bag splurge.

I have a Trapiche Malbec open. Going to snuggle with my Kokomo, text the dude who is out of town this weekend (after 20 years of on and off who the f cares about valentine’s day), and watch a movie.

Six miles in the morning. Life is good.