the bags are packed…

DisneyPrincess…my dog is at her bestie’s house (two of my greatest pals–the kind of friends who are family–are watching Kokomo and their dog is her LOVAH!).  The mail is on hold. My neighbor is keeping an eye on my place.  The alarm is set for 4am. I will leave the house by 445am and be on my way to a runventure in Orlando with Sigrid, Jennifer, Kat, and Leslie. 22. 4 miles to cover. Sigrid flying in from Vancouver, Jenn and Kat from Las Vegas, Leslie driving in from Tampa, and I’m flying in from LA.

I am very much looking forward to this week with friends and my cousin and time away. Even though I will work part of nearly every day (such is the life of an in demand (thank you Universe!) freelance writer), it will be a much needed break.

I am sure I packed too many clothes – which is very unlike me actually. I am a master packer. But give me a big suitcase and I’ll fill it.

I’m not looking to PR, I just want to get out and run with my friends and cousin and have a good time.

And BONUS – I even get to see a dear friend and her adorable son who moved to Florida from LA a few years ago. Turns out they are at WDW this week too and we are making plans to spend a little time together tomorrow before they go back home. Mathilda– I can’t wait!

To all the Princesses preparing to depart for our magical weekend at Disney World, I’ll see you soon!