work > running? Well, just this once… ;-)

medal10HA! I am so grateful to be making a living at what I love to do– the only thing I am cut out to do– write.  But sometimes work forces you to make difficult decisions. I am not going to run the San Diego Half Marathon this year. I’ve got too much to do, writing wise, to justify the time away from my well-worn (and beloved) laptop this coming weekend.

Instead I will run the Great Race of Agoura Hills in two weeks, which is local, and therefore less of a time and financial commitment, yet still gets my March race in. (My goal is to run one race per month, if I run more than one, great, but each month must have one 1/2 marathon or greater distance race in it.) A bonus is rated the Great Race the best half marathon in the U.S. Alright then.

So that’s the update. I’m bummed as I adore San Diego and running there. But I have to make the smart decision for my career and my bank account too.