Healthy eating habits…

veggiesIf you know me, you know I am pretty particular about what I eat. (And also that I am not religious at all, which is what makes the next sentence weird). For Lent I am recommitting myself to an 85% Paleo lifestyle. From May 1, 2012 to Thanksgiving 2013 this is how I ate. I’ve never felt (or looked!) better in my life. I got off track over the holidays and haven’t managed to get back on. Fortunately I haven’t gained any weight, as I am still a calorie counter (almost OCD about it).

But as of today, buh-bye bread and cheese once more. Hello veggies!

I will share recipes and tips for those who may be interested. Eating this way took me from a size 16 to a size 4 in 9 months. I feel it is so important to rid our diets of preservatives, chemicals, and yes processed foods. Our bodies are not built to digest these frankenfoods and they cause not just obesity, but health problems as well.

It is not rocket science. Eat meat and fish, veggies and fruits. Avoid things that are processed, have unpronounceable ingedients. No grains. No dairy. No refined sugar.

You will be surprised how good you feel and how much energy you have!