friends and feet…

erinsbday… and no, they aren’t related. ha ha

On Sunday night I tripped, as I often do, and got my left foot whacked by the heavy wooden trunk that serves as my coffee table. It is now swollen and lovely shades of yellow and green and blue. Then, somehow, I got a paper cut like cut on the bottom of my right foot. Last night I dreamed I was walking barefoot through the dirty streets of Hollywood and freaking out.

My next half marathon is Saturday. I am pretty sure the bruised foot will be better, but I’m a little worried about the cut on the other foot. Peroxide and Bacitracin are my friends right now and I figure, if need be, some Nu Skin should do the trick.

In other news…

I am lucky. I spent a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day eve feting one of my closest friends on her birthday at a fab wine bar on Melrose Avenue that my group of friends frequents fairly often. Good friends, good wine, good food, and tons of laughter made for a pretty spectacularly perfect night. All those people in the photo above are my best friends, my family, my support system and I don’t know what I’d do without them. They’ve been there in good times and bad  and managed to make bad times good and always, always, hilarious. I love them dearly.