medal10It wasn’t all that long ago that I ran my first half marathon. September 1, 2012, to be exact. In a couple of hours I will run #20 – The Great Race of Agoura Hills – Pacific half marathon. Active.com rated this race the best one in the country, so I am excited to experience it.

It is a hilly course- so it is a San Francisco Marathon training run for me. It is also going to hurt–Wednesday I had a KILLER workout with a trainer that left my thighs–well let’s just say there is always room for improvement in our muscles and fitness. I could barely walk on Thursday. ha ha

Last night some ibuprofen, my foam roller, the stick, and the foot log for a little reflexology helped – today I have very little pain. (Or, you know, time going by helped, whatever).

My point is – I’m not running for time today. I’m running to finish. I’m doing a long slow run in a race because I feel like pushing it today would render me injured. Maybe it won’t. Maybe I’ll get out there and the energy of race day will have me feeling speedy. Only time (and just a few hours of that and a 30 mile drive) will tell.


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