No runDisney this time, folks!

hulkDisneyland’s Avengers Half Marathon registration opened yesterday and sold out in about an hour. Crazy. The total price tag with service fees, etc for the race was $208.

I did not register.


For one thing, I have exactly ZERO interest in a comic book themed race. I have thoughts on the lameness of comics, but it is my opinion only, and I have plenty of friends who would vehemently disagree with me.

For another thing- I’ve already done two runDisney events (5 races total so far)  this year and am signed up for two  more. That’s about all I can take of the walls of walkers and people unprepared for the distance in one year. Yes, Disney puts on a good race and they are a BALL, but they are not for runners, they are for fun. Fact.

That said, if the rumored Star Wars themed Disney half marathon happens in January 2015, I will have to consider it. I may not be on board for Marvel, but I am all about Darth Vader. And one day I would like to run the Disney World Marathon.

But those aside, I’m over RunDisney’s prices, policies, and field of so-called runners. I want to get better, stronger, faster. Disney races are not the place for that. Training is. Smaller, more serious races are. (in my opinion) And I can have fun just about anywhere, it doesn’t require Mickey Mouse to do it.

PLUS — it would be loco to run this one. It would mean 6 races (one of them a marathon) in 8 weeks. 7 races if I get into the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.  8 in 8 if you throw the New York Marathon into the mix. (I am not assuming that one!) I’m tired just thinking about that and it is all 7 months away! HA HA


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