on tutus and running…


Via Glam Runners / Facebook

By now, you’ve surely seen the brou ha ha relating to SELF Magazine running a picture of two LA Marathon runners in tutus and mocking them.  The magazine contacted Monika Allen, who co-founded Glam Runner, which makes fun and gorgeous tutus FOR CHARITY and asked to use the photo. Monika sits on the board of the San Diego chapter of Girls on the Run, a charity that inspires young women to maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

She’s raised about $5,600 for Girls on the Run  by making 2,000 tutus over the past three years.

Allen ran the L.A. Marathon dressed as Wonder Woman and wearing a starry blue tutu. Her friend’s running bib reads “Die Tumor Die!” Self mocked the tutu trend in a feature they call the BS Meter.

That’s Monika on the right. Can we talk about how KICK ASS this photo is? How adorable they look? How much fun they look like they are having? (While running a MARATHON, I might add.)

And then, consider that Monika is running the LA Marathon with BRAIN CANCER. In fact, the back of her Wonder Woman shirt says “Powered by Chemo”.  She is BAD ASS. That is a fact.

What troubles me about this controversy is how a mainstream women’s magazine jumped on the culture of “Mean Girls” to make fun of how someone was dressed. They made fun of how someone was dressed while running a marathon, cancer or no cancer.  That’s an awfully high horse they’re sitting on.

We ran in MOUSE EARS!

We ran in MOUSE EARS!

Look, I’ve never worn a tutu in a race– I’m worried about chafing. Truth. But I think they are cute. Hell, I RUN IN A TIARA. My friends and I plan our outfits, theme our running outfits, and have fun doing it. We enjoy the entire process of race day and that includes picking out  a fun outfit. I’m running the San Francisco marathon dressed as Wonder Woman in a top like Monika’s, a blue skirt with white stars, and a gold headband with a red star on it. It is my FIRST marathon, I will be 45 years old when I run it, and YES I do feel like Wonder Woman, thankyouverymuch.

Who cares what someone else is wearing in a race? Seriously. I may worry for your health on a hot day when you’re dressed as Gumby for a half marathon (I’ve seen this guy more than once in Los Angeles races), but I’m not going to make fun of you. Your sense of whimsy is amazing and individual and we all can only rock what we’ve got.

I saw this comment on Jezebel.com yesterday and just loved it, so I will share it here:

“Also, if I want to go the the grocery store in a tutu just because I am whimsical I can do it – Fuck Self Magazine.”

Run in a singlet, run in a sports bra and booty shorts, run in black capris and a day glo top, run in head to toe Lululemon, run in a tutu, run in a tiara — JUST RUN.  If it motivates you, makes you get excited for a run – ROCK THAT TUTU (or tiara, or running skirt, or Gumby costume).