hollywoodmedalsTomorrow morning I run half marathon #21. I can hardly even believe it. If my half marathon running career were a person, it would be able to drink (just one of the reasons I’m cabbing it to the race 3.5 miles from my house and uber-ing it home from my running team’s mimosa laden post run brunch).

I have a plan for attacking this course. It is the first time I’ve sat and studied the course map and come up with a strategy. Huh. I guess my running career really IS all grown up now.

Now, of course I can’t predict what tomorrow will bring. Whether my asthma or allergies will act up, whether my (men, look away for a moment) period that I so inconveniently got today will cause problems, whether the slight hyper 1898665_10152034034035885_3732565648042704880_oextension of my left knee will be better or worse (it’s usually better, knock on wood, I do not have knee issues), or whether I will simply leave the starting line feeling slow and clunky.

Any number of factors could affect my run.

Or, I could go out and not have a single mile be slower than 11 minutes and finish in just under 2:25 and set a new PR.

Either way, I resolve to have fun and enjoy my second running of the Hollywood 1/2 marathon.  I do know I will be surrounded by the city I love, running friends, and my Alpha teammates. Given those factors, no matter what my finish time is tomorrow it is bound to be a good day.

And OH HELL YES, I am running in a tiara. In fact, it is my “exercise tiara”.