#21 in the books.

20140405-164114.jpgMore later as I am beyond exhausted but just wanted to stop in to say race #21, the Hollywood 1/2 marathon is done! I had a great race! Didn’t PR BUT given some issues I was dealing with (ladies you know what I’m saying) I actually made amazing time (for my slow self) at 2:31.

I’m a little pissed at myself for giving up a bit in the last 2 miles but I’ll explain that later. This time is 23 minutes faster than the horrible very bad no good run I had at Agoura, proving that was an off day. That run actually scared me. Whew! 3 weeks until my next half and I am absolutely certain I can break 2:25. I ran at 2:20 pace for 75% of the race today. Subtract the issues I had and POW. I will get to 2:15 before I think I will start to plateau and have to really work insanely hard to be faster. I have it in me. I know this now.



  • Great job!! You did it!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it!!

    • Thanks. I was beating myself up a bit earlier but intense cramps and heavy–well you know–and still being consistent in my 2:30 more or less time, I’m sorry but that is insane. I can’t imagine how much faster I would have been without that and the worrying about –well you know! Hahahahaha. Men have it easy, I tell you!