Hooray for Hollywood

20140405-135635.jpgYou guys, do you realize the significance of me running a 2:31 half marathon BY MYSELF? (ie: without the Amazing Sigrid pacing me?) And even better, knowing I could have pushed harder in the final 4-5 miles and been even faster?!  Oh yes, that 2:15 goal will be mine within the year.

For comparison, my 2013 Hollywood Half Marathon time was 2:52.

I’m not the fastest runner, clearly. I don’t think I’ll ever be a sub-2 hour half marathon runner. 2:30 is a goal I’ve chased for eons. Yesterday was significant. I’m getting stronger.



  • Congrats! That’s a great time and such a good feeling to see yourself improving!

    • 🙂 Thanks! Problems are 1. I’m competitive and 2. I hang out w runners that do 2:10 and faster. HA HA

  • You’re awesome!! You have THE BEST attitude and I’m proud of your accomplishment!! You are fast and spectacular!! You are also very beautiful!! I LOVE your pictures!! XOXO!! Great job!!

    • Thanks! I’m not gonna lie, I spent some time beating myself up over not hitting my goal. But then I considered the (gross) factors and how far I’ve come and realized I was, as usual, being way too hard on myself! XO