You know you’re a runner when…

1920482_10203425715781295_336841999804089229_nWhen 38 year old Meb Keflezighi is the first American to win in three decades AND the oldest since 1930; American Shalane Flanagan beats her own record; then one of my running inspirations Tim Christioni – the CHEETAH – makes his Boston debut and kills it by qualifying for next year’s Boston Marathon AT the Boston Marathon; AND Half Fanatics/Marathon Maniacs founder Tony Phillippi also smokes the course on his 13th consecutive Boston Marathon ALSO qualifying for next year’s Boston Marathon at the Boston Marathon? Hell. Yes!

It was a good day! I am so happy for Tim, Tony, Meb, Shalene, and all who ran today’s Boston Marathon.

Later I’ll talk about how my training is off track and my plans to get back ON track. It seems I can only accomplish two of the following three things at once: be effective at work, train like a maniac, have a social/love life. And since it has been birthday month, well, social/love life have taken priority over training.

That stops tomorrow. I don’t care how exhausted I am. (And trust me, my exhaustion is profound.)




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