oooops I did it again…

C-75_18_04_14_01_29 It’s not that I am not running. I’m running about the average amount that I have in the past during the week and am running WAY more on the weekends.

I just don’t feel like I am running ENOUGH.

The San Francisco Marathon looms just 95 days in the distance.

I HAVE to make more time. I just HAVE to. No more damned excuses.

Yes, my work schedule is a bit crazy. So what, so are plenty of other runners’ schedules.

Yes, I have an active social life, a dog, and friends to attend to. That I WANT to  make time for.

And all of whom, with the exception of my dog, understand the limitations on my schedule due to training.  But fact is, the marathon will come and go and I will rest. HA!)

I am just so damn tired ALL of the time lately. Like sleep 9-10 hours a night and still need a nap tired. I have to sleep less so I can run more because, as the pic above says, 4.98 miles is not 5 miles and 5 miles is not 26.2 miles and while I am reasonably confident in my ability to run 13.1, even my upcoming 1/2 this weekend is stressing me out because I feel like, to maintain the speed I’ve attained and continually improve on it, I really HAVE to sleep less and run more.

Today for instance, I dragged myself out of bed at 5:15am after going to bed at 11pm. Ran 3 miles. Wrote 2 articles by 845am and then jumped in the shower and went to work. Now home and need to write more but the only energy I can summon is to open a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix.

Men, look away now.

Ladies, it’s hormonal, I’m sure of it. I just turned 45. It makes sense. I eat right, I sleep well, I work out, I should not be so tired.

OK Welcome back Men.

But the simple fact is, I’ve worked hard to “take back my life” so to speak. I set rules for myself. No more 12 hour days of work (unless it is for a reason, like taking a day off later in the week). Must be done with work by 7p at the latest. Must not work (other than my breaking news pieces) on Tues and Thurs when I go to my out of the house writing job. Must make time for the guy, for the friends, for my own personal writing and down time.

It’s balance. And it has been hard fought for. The result is it has made my writing better. And starting today–that 5:15am was me turning over another new leaf–taking back my regular running routine too. Long run Saturdays are a given. Now must be consistent with the 3-5 mile maintenance runs three to four times a week.

But first, I think I need another nap. My exhaustion is profound.