somuchtodorunI know why I am so tired. Half Marathon #22 this Saturday is #7 of 2014. I just MIGHT be overdoing it a bit. Also I am 45.

#22 all time/#7 2014 is the American River Parkway 1/2 Marathon in Sacramento on Saturday.

394-ish mile drive, dinner with one of my very best friends who lives up there, and then 13.1 miles at a 2:20 pace is the plan.

Then Saturday and Sunday, relax and have fun with my friend and his amazing lady.

Sometime between now and 7am Friday morning I need to finish 7 articles, go to work tomorrow 10-4, do a bunch of other work, pack, and meet up with the guy tomorrow night. Oh and also read a fascinating book for research for a series of articles I will write over the next week. The race Saturday starts at the SO SANE time of 7:45am. I will actually get to sleep in later than usual on Saturday.

This morning I clocked a 30:53 three mile run.

I’ve mentioned I’m tired, right? HA HA

All of these earned since 9/1/12. Nine of them in 2014. 6 halfs, 2 10ks, 1 5k.



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