22Saturday I will be running my 22nd half Marathon since September 1, 2012. It is also my seventh half Marathon of 2014.

I’m looking forward to testing myself on this course. It is runners only course, a race that has a separate course for the walkers. I know how I am when I am around people who are just a bit faster than me. I tend to keep up and I know I have more speed in me than I usually exhibit.

Of course whether I will be able to achieve my sub 2:25 goal on Saturday or not remains to be seen. You never know until you’re out there how you’re going to feel. I feel little under prepared which I realize is ridiculous given the number of half marathons I’ve done recently. Even if I don’t run much during the week, logic says I’m prepared for the distance on the weekend anyway.

Big changes are coming to my 2015 running plan and schedule. It is going to be all about getting very lean, very mean, and very fast.

And Saturday I plan to push myself as much as I can without hurting myself to turn in a fast time and hopefully PR.

And the outfit I have picked out to wear kicks ass.


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