20140501-211937.jpgDo you suffer from pre race jitters?

I don’t. Not anymore. Not since my first few halfs, actually.

Now I am sure the marathon will be a whole other thing but as it is I just can’t get worked up about a half anymore.

I typically get at least 6 solid hours of sleep before a half. I don’t stress. If I forget I charge my iPod shuffle oh well, no big deal.

I’m honestly so blasé about it all that it is almost alarming.

I guess that is a good thing. I just can’t get overly worried or worked up or crazy OCD over 13.1 miles. Do I have shoes and a sports bra and a bottom of some sort to wear? Then I can run the race. Course support is ample. What more do you really need when it comes down to it?

That said, all bets are off regarding jitters and my first marathon.


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