A run in the California State Capitol

20140504-190230.jpgRace #22 was the American River Parkway half marathon in Sacramento.

I decided to drive up as I had not yet taken my new (November) car on a road trip. I left on Friday and managed to traverse 394 miles in under 5 hours and I swear I was not even speeding that much!

Packet pickup was at Fleet Feet Sports in downtown Sacto and it was pouring down rain. More than pouring, it was a torrential downpour.
I was pleasantly surprised by the race shirt- a new balance top with a v neck and in ladies cut. And I managed to get out of fleet feet only buying a hat (hat says run happy on it) in case of rain the next day. I knew I could run in rain but not in my usual visor.

Next stop was my hotel where I prepped for the Saturday morning run, did a little work, and relaxed.

One of my very best friends, Randy, lives up there. We have been friends since my freshman year at USC. We had my pre race dinner at Outback Steakhouse and I went to bed by 10pm.

Now this race being in APRIL and late April at that, I brought shorts and a light short sleeved shirt. I woke up Saturday to find it was 41 degrees. Well thank god my idea of comfy is a pair of running leggings because I had them and an alternate top in my suitcase.

The race took place in a big park along the American River . It was a gorgeous run. The only problem was, it had rained so hard the day before the ground was wet and 90 min of standing around in wet grass in the cold had my feet frozen.

It really took me 5-6 miles to warm up but once I did, I FLEW. I hit a new PR for 10 miles at 1:53 (previous best was 2 hours flat) and all in all did 14 total miles in 2:38.

14? Oh yes. That was my San Francisco marathon training distance for the day. So I doubled back at one point to add the necessary mileage. I am sure I looked like a lunatic but hey, a gal approaching her first marathon has to so what a gal approaching her first marathon has to do, right?


I hung out with Randy and his lovely lady at their home on saturday and spent the night there. Sunday Randy and I checked out some live music at a bar/grill on the river and I took off for home around 5pm.


I broke up my long drive home with a stop at the birthplace of Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome — Harris Ranch — the largest beef purveyor in the west with a Great hotel and thoroughbred horse ranch as well.

Oh. My. God. I had one of the best meals of my entire life here. It was an utterly relaxing and enjoyable night and a nice little gift to myself.


I got home early Monday afternoon and went right back to work.

All in all though I enjoyed the Sacramento race, I’ve learned that I prefer big races to small ones for a number of reasons. Perhaps that is a subject for a future post.