When Official times are not Official

20140504-151824.jpgThis is not the OC race recap, just a small part of it.

Anyone who looked up my results would see that I came in at 2:49, slow for me.

What that time doesn’t tell is the 16 minutes I spent stopped around mile 10, sitting on the curb dealing with an urgent work issue that HAD to get dealt with.

My time in motion was 2:33:02.

It was not my choice to stop and my final 3 miles were slower than they would have been otherwise due to stress and worry over the situation (which did get fixed thank god).

I was having a great and speedy race prior to that and prob would have come in in the 2:30-31 range otherwise.

But it is what it is, had to be addressed. and as far as I am concerned that 2:33:02 is my official time.

In work for some awesome awesome people and if that once in awhile means stopping my race briefly to help deal with an emergency, well I am glad to do it.



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