the OC half marathon, year 2 (for me)

1507951_10152095294550885_1916865414956456217_nSunday was my 2nd consecutive OC half marathon. I have to say, this is one of my favorite courses. It runs through Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Costa Mesa and it is a pretty, although often congested, course. But the seaside setting and amazing homes make the congestion not even noticeable.

Also, this is a runner’s race– no big walking blocks of people like in a Disney race. (Sure people walk, but they know course etiquette.)

It was so fun heading to the race with a friend (hi Destany!), running into friends at the start line (hi Denise, Claudia, and Kent!),  and running into friends on the course (hi Damaris!). We are from Oceanside, the Inland Empire, Redondo Beach, Tustin, Bakersfield, and West Hollywood, yet we are all part of the So Cal/Los Angeles running community and I just love having friends that love to run and love our local races as much as I do.

Sunday was hot and sunny and got progressively more hot and sunny as the race went on. Several people passed out and were taken off the course on stretchers. I don’t think the volunteers were all that well prepared, as water stops were constantly full of empty cups and runners were lined up for water. Also there was only one first aid station and it wasn’t until mile 7. I mention this because it is weird to only have one and because I noticed because I needed one. I wore my cute as hell black lululemon pacesetter skirt and forgot the left leg of the under shorts chafes like a motherfucker. Once industrial grade vaseline was applied, I was A-OK.

I was having a good, consistent race. My 5K and 10K splits were where they should be and I had energy left in the tank. I was confident I’d come in at 2:28 (which would have been a PR) to 2:33 (2:29 is my current PR and I pretty consistently finish in this range these days).


Then I got the text about the issue at work. I had three miles to go. I could have ignored it for another 30 minutes–let’s face it, no one expected me to be checking my phone and responding during a race– and attempted that 2:28 (or better!) time. But I am who I am and not only do I love this particular job (I have a few jobs, lol -and I love them all), but I adore the owners and respect them and care about the company and our clients. SO I had to stop and try to help. There was no other option for me and who I am and where my integrity and responsibility lies. After all, let’s face it, my jobs enable me to afford these races, the hotel rooms, the meals out, the gas to and from, the endless array of cute running outfits, etc.

20140505-201850.jpgI will say that my 16 minute work break did not help the heat factor, as obviously, it just got later and hotter. But I got it done, and subtracting those 16 minutes, I came in at 2:33:02. I believe that is almost exactly, to the second, where I finished the Hollywood 1/2 Marathon a month ago (and I was dealing with vicious cramps there– so there is always SOMETHING, you know?).

I’m happy with how I felt during the run. The picture at the beginning of this post is my “Mile 7 point something selfie” and you can see what a good time I was having and how happy I was. I love big races. This one was over 20,000 people and that is my zone of fun. Even at the points where it got crowded, maybe because I’ve run this before and expected it, I didn’t mind.

Now I don’t have another half marathon on my schedule until July 13th, and I won’t be attempting a P.R. there. It is 20140505-201741.jpgtwo weeks before the San Francisco Marathon and I am running it for fun, as a taper run, and for distraction from the impending 26.2 miles. But I have to say, it is so strange to not have another half on the calendar in a few weeks.  On the other hand, it is May 5th and I’ve run 8 since January 1!!!


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