Combating mental demons

20140507-223211.jpgAs it happens my marathon training run on Saturday tops mileage I am comfortable with for the first time.

We are running 16 miles which I realize is only a 5K longer than what I am used to however I’m having issues.

So the way that I have decided to combat my mental freak out about it is to look at it in terms of time not miles.

I run a half marathon in basically two hours and 30 minutes so I’m looking at 16 miles as basically being about three hours — maybe 3:10. I just have to remain in motion for that long which I’m completely capable of. And when I look at my phone, because I don’t wear a watch,I will know if I started running at 7 AM I will be done by roughly 10 AM.

In two weeks my run is likely 18 miles. In four weeks my run is likely 20 miles.

Saturday is just the first step in getting 26.2 from 13.1.


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