One track mind

10245477_10152110032025885_3060109692542091835_nThe San Francisco Marathon is 76 days away.  I have an absolutely ONE TRACK MIND about this and suspect I will until 2-3 days AFTER the marathon occurs. I must apologize to my family and friends, especially my non-running friends for this.

This is a HUGE, BUCKET LIST goal of mine – to run a marathon. It is my first marathon. I am fairly fucking impressed with myself that I can run 16 miles (so far). I’m gaining confidence in my ability to finish SFM in a fairly decent (by my estimation) time.

Especially for a first marathon.

Especially for a first marathon that is the San Francisco Marathon – one of the hardest marathon courses in the U.S. and the 15th hardest marathon in the world.


I run faster than our “party pace” but I hear the party pace group is a fun place to be.

I realize, as I prattle on and on about training, splits, speed, diet, nutrition, wear and tear on my shoes, etc that it isn’t interesting to anyone but me and perhaps other people training for the SFM. Again, I apologize, but I am excited, nervous, exhilarated, and terrified all at the same time.

This is a very very very big deal to me and for me and I am, quite frankly, obsessed.

Yes, I am in bed by 1030p and up by 630a daily. Yes, I am largely too exhausted or too busy to go out. (Or your invite is simply too late in the evening for me.) It’s not that I don’t want to see you, my friends, or have some cocktails– I do. But right now, I have to think like an athlete and stick to my training plan.

But PLEASE keep inviting me out. PLEASE. Even if you think or know my butt will be running two miles straight uphill and back down and back up and back down one of Los Angeles’ nice steep canyon roads at 630am. I need to maintain the illusion that I have a life outside of training and work and also, you never know when I will simply need to get out and be normal for a night.

Now, if you have a birthday between now and July 27th –Robin, Rod, Don — I will be there. I may leave early in the night, or get there a bit late for brunch — but I will be there.

I do promise not to go full hermit on you all. But on the 18 mile, 20 mile, and 23 mile training days– you are welcome to come over with pizza and wine and laugh at me. But I am not going out.

20140512-170758.jpgI am 45 years old and attempting to run 26.2 miles of hills in 76 days. I have a one track mind. Please bear with me. I will return to my normal self on roughly July 30th–because you know the day after to 2-3 days after will be all about how I (hopefully) did it–how I ran a damned marathon in San Francisco.

Love you! Amy

P.S. And I’d really like to know who that cute guy photo bombing my pic is. 😉 2013 OC 1/2 Marathon.