hot in the city

20140514-153133.jpgIn case you haven’t heard, Southern California is having a heatwave. And is also on fire because of our extreme state of drought and sunshine and 100+ degree temperatures.

This b.s. weather makes me cranky.  You see, most coastal California homes and apartments do not have central AC. In fact, I am lucky in that my early 60s building has a wall unit AC. However, when it is 106 fucking degrees that wall unit doesn’t do much.

The heat saps my energy. I don’t want to run in this. I don’t even want to eat. I want to drink water. Have a few glasses of wine. Go to bed early.

Fortunately by Sunday it is supposed to be normal again. (We are 25+ degrees ABOVE normal right now.)

I don’t do weather extremes. I want to live in 70 to 85 degrees year round.  I realize this means San Diego. Except today. They are over 100 and on fire too. Literally. Friends being evacuated due to wild fires. We need rain badly in California.

OK I am done whining. For now. 😉

74 days until the San Francisco Marathon.