Excuses excuses

20140515-200855.jpgAnyone who knows me knows I am no fan of extreme heat. And today, again, it was 106. All I feel like doing is sleeping. That is what happens when you don’t have central AC and you have a week of triple digit temps.

Let me be clear– one of the main reasons I chose San Francisco for my marathon was the training weather. May and June are typically cool in Los Angeles. The weather is reasonable. Good running weather.

Let me be clear again– this is not reasonable weather. And I just checked the 10 day forecast and have a new thing to panic over: 85-90 degree temps next Saturday, the day of my 18 mile marathon training run. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I am cranky and annoyed and pissed off. Enough with this heat. It is too early for it.

I have a 8 mile run on Saturday morning. I’m volunteering at the Girls on the run 5k on Sunday. I have a pair of birthday parties to attend – one dinner, one brunch. I have a new business pitch to work on and a ton of writing, house cleaning, and organizing to do. It will be a busy weekend.

Fortunately temps are supposed to drop back into the 70s by Sunday. I foresee 3-4 hill workouts next week to make20140515-201120.jpg up for this week. Next Saturday’s run, the 18 miler, will be my longest to date.

I hope to soon stop whining about the weather. But frankly only my couch with a fan pointed directly at me is comfortable. To stand up is to feel a house that is over 90 degrees inside. And that fucking sucks.

73 days until the San Francisco Marathon.