picking up the pace

20140516-081322.jpgBesides getting up to 26.2 for the marathon, my main focus on improving my running is on speed. I’m getting stronger and faster but it is a slow process. Lately I’ve tended to be faster (by seconds only) in my training runs than in races. Take today for instance, it was only 4.05 miles but it was a 10:33 pace.

My half marathon PR (Surf City 2014) is 2:29 and an 11:27 pace. Thus far I’ve only been able to sustain a sub 11 minute mile for 10 miles. But you know what? Every time I attempt it, every time I log a faster 3-4-5 mile run, I get closer to extending that.

My goal for the San Francisco Marathon is to finish, obviously. It is my first marathon. Until I get out there, I will have no real idea what I am doing. But I do have a time goal in mind. And I also have a range of time from slow to I can live with that in mind. And being a competitive person, you bet your ass I am chasing a certain number for my first marathon.

I haven’t decided whether or not to reveal that here, so for now I won’t.

72 days until the San Francisco Marathon.