8 miles

20140517-114416.jpgToday I had an 8 mile training run scheduled. This is the weekend between last week’s 16 miles and next week’s 18 miles.

This morning also happened to be the morning after a friend’s very fun 40th birthday dinner. Getting to bed at midnight, I was fairly certain I was NOT getting up at 5:45am to make the 7am run with my running group.

So I slept in until 830 and the extra sleep was worth enduring the stifling heat on a 1015-1145am 8+ mile run.  I considered taking it to the treadmill, but honestly, I don’t like 20140517-112220.jpgto run more than 4 miles on a treadmill. I think road work is better race prep AND I get bored on the treadmill. At least running through Beverly Hills there are things to look at. 😉 (Including a garage sale at an enormous mansion that my sweaty butt was tempted to drop in on, but as the garage sale was in the house, I didn’t think it would be appreciated. Also I had no cash on me.)

I’m having some issues with my right hamstring–specifically where it connects to glute. It’s uncomfortable but not bad. Not sure if it is training related, or, more likely, because I’ve spent the past week sleeping on my couch due to the heat wave WITH my 80-lb chocolate Labrador. Yeah, she is comfortable, and in typical fashion, my 5’9″ self is curled up like a pretzel. God forbid we disturb the dog, right? 😉

20140517-112310.jpgThis week I’m planning to rest tomorrow, do hill work on Monday and Wednesday, and get 3-5 miles in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Saturday is 18 miles. EEEEK.

Take a look at this close up of my time this morning. I ran a bit over 8 miles in 88 degree heat.



71 days until the San Francisco Marathon