My friends rule

10014937_10152120431925885_1158979173216322923_oThey truly do. I can remember in my 20s and 30s looking at my friends Erika (May she RIP and fuck cancer) and Lesley and admiring their large extended group of friends in the Washington DC area.

I always had a lot of friends but I seemed to have different groups that didn’t really intersect unless I had a birthday or a party. I felt like I moved from one group to another as a lone person.

The past 5 years my group of primary friends here in Los Angeles has become the kind of group I always wanted, the ie. Iike Erika and Lesley’s group. Now I feel like I move within a group as a part of a family of friends.

Last night was the 40th birthday celebration of Robin. It was a Mad Men/60s theme. It was so much fun. Having these amazing people in my life as my friends has enriched my life a million percent.

They are the family I chose myself. I love them dearly.