Listening to my body

hamstring painToday I had planned to get up early and go do my hill training. There is a great canyon road not too far from me (and not too busy traffic wise) that is a straight uphill for two miles stretch that is perfect for San Francisco training.

But there’s this hamstring/glute/sciatic issue I have been having.  I’m not sure which it is. My hamstring ached for days. Then I spent some time on foam roller last night and it was my glute/hip/sciatic that seemed to need the work most.

Today it isn’t bothering me much, but I decided I better take it easy and just rest it today.  I can get back out there in the morning with my planned hill work and just have one less workout this week in the name of preventing this issue from escalating and sidelining me for a time.

18 mile run Saturday.

69 days until the San Francisco Marathon.



  • It’s good to listen to your body and I’m sure you’re feel great in no time!! Have a wonderful week!! XOXO!!

  • I skipped my easy run today for the same reason. Saturday’s race featured too many hills and going down did something nasty to my legs… You’ve done well to make avoiding serious injury a top priority!

    • Injury is the enemy! 🙂 And I’m getting too close to the marathon for it at this point. We have to be smart! 🙂

  • I’m glad you listened to that bitch of a hammie/glute/sciatic issue. Sometimes it’s tough to tell what’s driving the pain. It seems like any time I have an issue like that it starts in either the medial glute or piriformis. Of course everyone is different. Running hills is a BEAST. You’re going to be so damn strong after San Fran. Take it easy now. Train smart. 🙂 Feel better!

    • I feel like it is piriformis here as well. My layman’s opinion. Also, the weird way I stand and stick my hip out to get relief is PURE sciatic behavior for me. Calling acupuncturist in the morning if not better/if hill work makes worse. Will not tolerate! Must banish! 🙂