a sub 30 minute 5k

20140520-145601-53761862.jpg… on a treadmill. I feel I need to qualify that. 29:42 to be exact.

Yes it was not my planned hill workout. I slept in a bit and only had 45 min or so (including drive to/from) to get my workout in, so the lovely bouncy treadmill for my mutinous hamstring and sciatic it was!

And if you think I made it home and showered and got to work you’d be wrong. Oh, I got to work, and I am still, at 3pm, in my running clothes. Such is the life of a freelancer who works from home.

These weekday runs and my 10 mile and under weekend runs are ALL ABOUT SPEED for me. The 18 miler on Saturday? I’m just going to get through that however I can, but I’m thinking 11-12 minute miles, not 9:35 or 10 or 10:37 as my recent shorter runs have been.