Yeah whatever. I can’t even.

20140521-213615-77775515.jpgNot really. I am not that blasé! I am just… Guys I have zero time. Zero. Between work (I’m an entertainment industry, business, fashion, and sports writer) and marathon training I am lucky to have 2 hours to myself to eat and wind down before my mind and body are screaming for sleep. Or if not sleep, rest. Sensory deprivation. Just my psyche yelling ENOUGH!

All my life I could not go to bed at 10 or I’d wake up at 2am or 3am and be up for the night. Now if it gets to be 1030pm and I am awake I freak out. Hell, it is 9:30pm now and I’m thinking ‘can I go to bed now? would that be insane?’

Is it just me? Is it just because this is my first marathon?

Am I going insane?

I just walked away from work at 7:30pm and not because I was done. Oh no, I was renegotiating. “I can get up at 5 and run 4-5 miles at gym (faster) and home and knock out two articles by 9am and shower and go to work and come home and write one more and…” Ah, mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be writers, OK?

67 days. Nearly 66 days until the San Francisco Marathon.