18 miles on deck

18-iaFor someone running 18 miles in about 14 hours, I sure am eating and hydrating like an asshole today. Let’s see I had some nuts and dried cranberries for breakfast and lunch, about 5 diet cokes, 1 bottle of water, and some turkey lunchmeat. Oh and Trader Joe’s cheerios. No milk, just the cereal, like a toddler. SMH.

18 miles! I am weirdly excited about this. (Clearly there is something wrong with my addled brain.)

In all seriousness though – my outfit is laid out (black and white printed New Balance shorts, THIS_WORRIEShighlighter yellow Nike top).  Breakfast is laid out/in the house (a banana, some trail mix, a brown rice cake with organic peanut butter). Post run meal is in the crock pot (my “crack” chicken a/k/a salsa chicken). I am stocked up on wine, water, and diet coke.

This is where I usually fail. I get up before the sun, run crazy miles, and am driving home wanting lunch or dinner when everyone else is still on breakfast time. And I never have what I want in the house. So I end up hitting the grocery store post 13+ mile run ravenous and spacey. (Am I the only one who gets really spacey after a long run?)

Not tomorrow! Salsa Chicken, olives, tortillas, and cheddar cheese are in the house.

Now I just have to figure out dinner tonight. After I finish this article about the World Cup.

Am hoping to get to bed by 930p. My run starts at 5:45am.

Aiming for a slow run– 12 minute miles at a 10:1 interval. 3:35-40 or so. But really, however long it takes is how long it takes, this is training and this is the longest I’ve ever run.  I can be slow if that’s how I feel tomorrow (and 12 min miles feels slow, but smart).




  • Have a great run!!! You’re going to feel so fantastic after this run today!! I feel spacey after runs, too!! Hehe!! You can do it!!! XOXO!!!

  • I am CRACKING up. I just said: I don’t wanna eat like an ASSHOLE today. To my Other Half. Today as in Marathon Day’s Eve. I busted out laughing, turned to him and said “See? I’m not the only one who’s (not) eating like an asshole.” He said we’re ridiculous. But he’s a cyclist. So what does he know. 🙂

    GO GET ‘EM GIRL!!!!

    • Hee hee you are my “sole sister” for sure. And I am so amused by how much you and Tina are like me and Sigrid. Kill that course tomorrow!

      • You got it!!! So great finding you! And. Ps. We’re heading out for pasta. I am not an Asshole. 🙂

        • Enjoy! I had pasta last night pre run too. Heading out for happy hour silliness in flip flops as that is all my abused feet can handle