Baby got a new pair of shoes

20140522-225226-82346515.jpgToday I bought the shoes I will run the San Francisco Marathon in. Gulp.

I am a narrow footed gal with ridiculously narrow heels. I am a Nike loyalist. Don’t fix what ain’t broken, as they say. I run in the Lunar Glide.

And the Asics, New Balance, and Mizounos just did not work with my feet.

I currently have 2 pairs I run in. One with about 160 miles on them that I only use for short runs now as my toes hurt in them on longer distances, ones with about 90 miles on them, and ones with 25 miles on them.

Sure chances are I could wear the 25 mile pair in the marathon or even the 90 mile pair but I am a finicky finicky girl when it comes to how my shoe fits. And I start to cycle them out around 150 miles. I will still run in them for a bit but they are no longer my primary pair of shoes.

I will debut these shoes on July first and do all my taper work in them. They are exactly the same shoe as I’ve been running in for 18 months so there isn’t really a break in period. Nike is wonderfully consistent.

65 days until the San Francisco Marathon.