patience, grasshopper

patience-young-grasshopperOne thing marathon training is teaching me is a bit of patience. Reluctantly at least.

1. Many of my friends are racing this weekend. God knows I LOVE a race. NEW BLING. But I also know I am not racing until July 13th for a good reason. I have my eyes on the larger picture – July 27th and the San Francisco Marathon.

2. Pacing. I need to learn how. Yesterday there were only 3 of the SFM runners at our 18-mile training session and luckily we all run a similar pace. As I said, my goal was to slow down a bit and try and run a consistent 12 minute mile across this run. Slow and steady and smart. Running with Dan and Audrey helped me with that. It curbed my tendency to run off like a wild colt and be mindful of where the three of us were at all times. Sometimes I was in the lead, sometimes Dan was, sometimes Audrey was, and sometimes a combo of 2 of us ran together or all 3 of us did.

We did 4:1 intervals and well I can see why they are smart for a long, slow (emphasis on SLOW) training run but I maintain my stance of  pure loathing for them. I can’t get a rhythm with 4:1 and inevitably all I could think about was when is the next 4 minutes up.  It is what it is in a group situation but in solo training and on race days, I prefer 10:1 if any intervals at all.

That said, you GUYS! I RAN 18 MILES! 18 Motherfucking long, hard miles. For the first time ever. 1798647_10152135789330885_9170332982770415944_nAnd it was pretty amazing overall. I had fun thanks to the awesome Audrey and Dan.

I felt REALLY strong for the first 13-14 miles and I did fight for the last 4, but to be honest, I was fine. My shoes, which only have 127 miles on them, could use more padding under the balls of my feet. I might go to the Nike Running store that is across the street from my apartment building (can we discuss how fucking dangerous that is?!) this week and see about some inserts for padding purposes only.

Also– does anyone else find their post long run pics make them look bloated and icky through the middle? Mine usually do. It is weird. (And you can see in one of the pics in the collage. I don’t look like that. Not even close. Am 5’9, weigh 149. That tummy is a long run phenomenon that I do not understand at all! ha ha) I know one of my running buddies (hi Destany!) has experienced something similar and we can’t figure

well duh no belly. mid race 3 weeks ago. ha!

well duh no belly. mid race 3 weeks ago. ha!

it out. Also by 5pm when I was heading out for happy hour, I was back to my usual slim self. Weird.

After the run I found the drive home hard. I am SO SPACEY after a long run. And my legs were tired. Working the gas and brake was a challenge. I stopped to get 10lbs of ice, took an ice bath, then napped for a glorious 2 hours. After that I felt able to make lunch and shower.

I headed out to meet my awesome friend Robin for drinks and a bite at 5:30pm because we are senior citizens. We had a super fun night of being chatted up by 21 year old firemen. Seriously. There is no point in going to bars anymore as all the patrons are young enough to be my kids. And I kept telling Mr. Fireman that I have a 21-year old niece I’d be happy to introduce him to. ha ha But it was a night of hilariousness.

BEST OF ALL — you guys I expected to be slow moving and sore today. I AM NOT. I am not at all

yes, we look like sisters here. :)

yes, we look like sisters here. 🙂

sore. Not even a little bit, not even a pinch. I’m tired but honestly, I could go for a run right now. I feel that this is proof that your body can get used to just about anything

In 2 weeks we run 20 miles. I can’t fucking wait. Seriously. My friend Donielle calls all of her races

PRs–but rather than standing for Personal Record, she calls it Party Run.  And that is how my runs are starting to feel. I love the strength I feel, my running partners kick some major fucking ass, and I am getting more and more excited to take on the

my friend, "sole sister", and favorite Marine, Destany

my friend, “sole sister”, and favorite Marine, Destany

challenge of the San Francisco Marathon. I WILL OWN THAT COURSE you guys!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to do my hill training and then BBQ with my besties and our dogs.

Happy Memorial Day. We are free because of the brave and I am so thankful to all the service men and women who make our amazing country and to some extent, my crazy lifestyle, possible.

63 days until the San Francisco Marathon.





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  • Fabulous job!!! You look amazing, ran amazing, and are amazing!!! Keep pushing on because you are rolling on with your marathon training and doing a fabulous job!! Xoxo!!!