math is hard…

10338331_10152117380755885_8127076269733361702_nThe math I have to do just simply to figure out my day is mind boggling.

So if I get up at 530am, walk my dog and am out the door by 5:50am and run 5 miles at an 11 min/mile pace I’ll be home by roughly 6:45am and can eat breakfast and be at desk by 7am and write a long article and two short articles for Your Daily Scoop by 9am, shower, pack lunch, walk my dog, and leave for work.

Home about 4:30pm, walk my dog, and write a long Celebrity Net Worth article, work on cnw bios, Should finish work by 7-730pm. Make a chili lime chicken burger and tomato and cucumber salad and pour a large glass of wine.

Settle in for a bit, walk my dog, and go to bed. Get up at 6am Thurs for hill work.

You think you’re exhausted reading that? Try living it.

And make no mistake I absolutely love, need, and crave this kind of schedule. I thrive on it and do my best work when I am super busy.

I am type A+++. I am hard wired this way. I go at everything full force, 1000%, and you either love me or hate me. I am intense.

I am so grateful to be so busy and I love every single aspect of my day and the various writing jobs I have.

However, can I get an extra day in the week or 28 or so hours in a day?

It would be fine if I didn’t absolutely NEED 8 hours of sleep a night. This makes my time management extra hard. But I figure it out. Figuring it out is part of the fun.

Also, this is why I run, to manage the stress, to get some time to myself that isn’t about writing, and to get my ass up and moving when I sit in front of a computer creating all day long.

61 days until the San Francisco Marathon.