i heart endorphins

my-drug-is-endorphins_designOh you guys- I am on such a constant endorphin high these days with all the training that I am a little afraid of what will happen post marathon.

Btw, 59 days! Pardon me while I go throw up!

But seriously, last year I ran 6 half marathons in 7 weeks and afterwards suffered such a severe come down from the endorphins it was ridiculous.

I keep reading about runners going through the taper process and their frustration with that and I have to say, I’m totally dreading it!

I may not run a lot of miles during the week, 2-5 miles 2-4 times a week, but I also walk my dog briskly for up to 45 minutes on our long walk, and do 30 push ups and a 60-90 second plank nearly every day. It is all endorphins all the time up in here. I am positively fucking GIDDY these days.

It’s weird.

59 days until the San Francisco Marathon. I think I’ll do more hill work in the morning.