rebel with a cause…

rebel yell57 days until the San Francisco Marathon and do you know what I did today? Skipped my 9 mile run with my run group. I will do it tomorrow.

I also skipped my hill workout on Friday.


And with my rebel yell I cry more more more SLEEP! More sweet, precious, life and energy giving sleep.

It is as simple as that. I didn’t want to get up with the sun yesterday. Or today. Tomorrow I can run at 8 or 9 am if I so choose. After all, it is only 9 miles.

I am in the thick of marathon prep. I needed to pretend I had a life outside of work and running for a day or two. SO I worked my fingers off (typing, folks, typing!) and then went to Dockweiler State Beach – the only place in Los Angeles County where you can have bonfires on the beach – to meet friends for a little bonfire and weenie roast.

Of course simple hot dogs would not do for me. I had chicken Italian sausages,a ciabatta baguette, and peppers and onions I’d chopped up and sauteed the night before. A lovely Shiraz, chips and salsa and guac and a good night was had by all. Until Jason lost his phone. And I forgot my hoodie on the beach–my New Year’s Race hooodie. Oh well. (A sure sign of a good night, right?)20140531-101048-36648161.jpg
And then it got to be 9pm. And my runner’s guilt kicked in. I kept thinking that I was a good 30 minutes (40 really, but this girl raced through the city at about 70mph no joke) from home and I had to get to bed! I had 9 miles to run at the crack of dawn.

I packed up my stuff, left my blanket in the care of Robin and asked her to bring it to tonight’s festivities–also a picnic –and hightailed it out of there.  I was asleep by 10:45pm.  Do I know how to party, or what?

Today I will clean/organize (my parents are coming to visit in two weeks!) and write before heading to Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a screening of one of my all time favorite films–Rear Window– with a bunch of friends. This is what we do in the summertime.  We get there in the late afternoon. People line up early to get in at 7p and sit and eat and drink and play cards and whatnot for hours. Then once gates open it is a mad dash for the mausoleum lawn and good placement for the movie. Then we picnic and eat and drink some more while some celebrity spins music and images are broadcast on the side of the mausoleum. Then at 9p, the movie starts. It is crazy fun. Pics tomorrow.

I will run those 9 miles tomorrow morning. Hill work Monday. 3 miles Tuesday. Hill work Wed. 3 miles Thursday. Friday off. Some type of cross training in there as my work schedule permits.

And then…

20 miles next Saturday.

57 days until the San Francisco Marathon. This shit is getting real and so must I.