my left foot…

myleftfootSo let’s talk about feet. Because my left one hurts. The toes mostly. Not the toenails, the actual toes themselves. They ache. Occasionally a pain shoots through them. The ball of my left foot feels bruised at times, though it shows no visible signs of bruising.

Y’all I think my beloved Nike Lunar Glides, which have previously been a DREAM shoe for me are NOT good for long distances.

The shoe I ran in yesterday, my Tiffany blue Lunar Glide only has 17 miles on them and my toes ached. OK possibly they still ache from a past longer run and I’m just not resting them enough.

They are not padded enough. At mile 16.5 of my 18 miler it felt like I was running barefoot, especially on my left foot, where, being left handed, I clearly lead with.

I don’t want to change shoes before the marathon. 55 days, y’al!  And I think this problem can be solved by more padding beneath the balls of my feet and toes.

But I don’t have time to deal with that this week before my 20 miler. Fact is, I barely have time to RUN this week. But RUN I will.

So I got crafty today….

She’s crafty – she’s always down
She’s crafty – she’s got a gripe
She’s crafty – and she’s just my type
She’s crafty

….and decided since my Coach is pretty good about these long runs looping back past our starting point at least once and that because I am self (and FB friends) diagnosing the issue as lengthy runs compacting the padding in the shoe too much (and it bounces back but that does me no good at miles 16.5-20) that I will put a 2nd pair of shoes in my car and switch out around mile 15 or whenever we are back at home base during the course of our run post mile 12 or so.


55 days until the San Francisco Marathon. I NEED TO DO MORE HILL WORK.