Cheers to 20 miles

20140606-185527-68127491.jpgI should eat. After all I don’t know if you’ve heard but I have this crazy long run tomorrow.

However I am unmotivated to mess up my clean kitchen by cooking. I can’t be the first person to run 20 miles after popcorn for dinner, right?

Yes yes another night before a long run and I am eating like an asshole. I should throw some chocolate and banana bread in and really complete the trifecta of no nutritional value.

Work has been insane this week. Wonderful, productive, epic, but insane.

That is probably good as not a ton of time to think. And I have had a lot of super charged electrolyte water with extra electrolytes in it. I am hydrated.

I am so hydrated I’ve gone to the bathroom about 27 times tonight. No joke.

I am also dealing with what I call uterine jihad. Some significant, crippling, god awful cramps. On the night before a 20 mile run. That is just my body giving me the ultimate fuck you right now.

Well you know what? I will give it the ultimate fuck you right back tomorrow when I run 20 miles.

I know I can do it. That doesn’t mean I’m not nervous and scared. Feeling all of this and talking about it is part of my process of getting it all out before the run so that all that is left is a desire to get those miles done.

My outfit is picked out. It is colorful as hell. Gu and chomps are laid out for taking every 4.5 miles in accordance with the 100 calories in for every 500 burned plan I’m going with. Shoes and visor are ready. Watch and iPod are charging. Fuel belt out and packed.

I am as ready as I’ll ever be. When my run is over tomorrow I will be one step closer to my marathon.

This process has been long and I am definitely in the mental fatigue part of it now. All I can do is battle through it.

51 days until the San Francisco Marathon.


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  • Yaaaay!!! Great picture of you!! SO pretty!! I know you’re having an AWESOME 20 miles!!!! GO YOU!!!! GO YOU!!!! 20 miles!!!!