and I ran, I ran so far away…

20140608-142720-52040491.jpgWell it is now clear to me that FREAKING OUT is part of my process. Guys, I was convinced there was no ever-livin’ way I could run 20 miles yesterday. I was sure I was a fake, a fraud, a pretender to the marathon throne.

I worked myself into a complete frenzy over this 20 mile run. And do you know what happened?

It was EASY.

Well, as easy as 20 miles could be. I felt good, strong, happy. I had energy left in the tanks to open it up and kick it up in the last quarter mile.

I ran 20 miles!! Sure, it took me 4 hours and 24 minutes, but so what. That is what a long, slow run is – long and slow.

And today I am NOT IN PAIN. I feel like I worked out and I am exhausted but I am not sore.

I DID IT! I can’t believe I did it!



I think getting past this mental and physical milestone will now reinvigorate my hill workouts and cross training. I can go the distance, clearly. But I can be better prepared with stronger quads, calves and glutes too!

Hill work Mondays and Wednesdays. Bar Method Tuesday or Thursday. Short run on Tuesday or Thursday.  Long runs on Saturdays.

49 days until the San Francisco Marathon.



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  • Wow, loving the pictures and awesome, so, so, so, soooo proud of you!!! You are rockin’ your training!! So fabulous!! XOXO!! Happy Monday!!