I feel the need for speed

20140610-185435-68075439.jpgA speed demon I am not. I lack the training and the form. That is something I plan to work on post San Francisco Marathon with some specialized training. I am pretty sure there are those with natural talent and those that work really hard. I work really hard. I want this. Badly.

I just finished reading Hal Higdon’s book 4:09:43 and I find myself wondering how in the ever living hell I can ever be fast enough to qualify for Boston.

I’d have to shave more than 90 minutes off what I expect (not want) my San Francisco time to be to hit the qualification time for my age group (3:55). That doesn’t even seem possible. I don’t even want to do the math on that. And I won’t go the charity route for Boston. No way. Not that race. It is qualify or nothing.  It may take me until I hit the 55-59 age group to do it, but I will do it.

That is what I love about running. No matter how much I accomplish, there is still so much to work for and towards.

45 days until the San Francisco Marathon.