35 days to go…

keep-calm-only-35-days-leftIf it wasn’t getting real before it is now. 35 days until doom. I mean 35 days until the San Francisco Marathon.

I did not have the greatest of runs yesterday. I punked out on the 10 miles I was supposed to do and called it done at 9.27 in 1:34 for a 10:13 per mile average.

What that (speedy for me) time doesn’t reflect is how hard I struggled through those miles. I still have not made my peace with hills and at this point am hoping my abject terror and hatred of them is part of my “freaking out” process and when faced with them on race day, they won’t be as awful as I’ve built them up to be in my head.

I’ve got my 23 mile run next Saturday. After that, it is all downhill until San Francisco. I am going to spend my taper time working on hills and cross training. The half marathon I’m running July 13th will be a test run (as it is very hilly) of my planned marathon pace and interval plan. Oh how I fucking hate intervals but that’s the way my team has trained so it is what it is. My feelings about a run-walk-run plan aside, I do think over the 26.2 miles it will conserve some energy and make the whole undertaking a bit more manageable. 10:1 at an 11 to 11:30 pace to end up around a 12:00 or so minute mile is my preliminary plan.

As I’ve mentioned before I have a time in mind for my first marathon. However, I know in the end, whatever my finish time is will be an accomplishment and I will be thrilled. I’m figuring 5:45. The time I WANT is faster than that, but I am figuring 5:45. I will leave it at that. It is San Francisco. It is my first. Hills and Nerves and the unplanned are being taken into account in that 5:45. Maybe I’ll get up that day and run it at a slower pace and rock that. I will not know until that day.

I’m swamped with work and as a freelance writer – that is a GREAT place to be. I’m making some non running fun plans –my favorite band (The Foo Fighters) is playing in New Orleans on Halloween. And I will be there with one of my best friends. Holy crap I cannot wait for that!!!

Three weeks until the Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon. 35 Days until the San Francisco Marathon and hidden amongst the nerves and freaking out is a growing excitement. I am going to run my first marathon. Finally.





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