It’s a 23 mile Saturday!

10481975_10152102697392721_887597300618164525_oThere is nothing like a Saturday long run (race or training) to really throw my usually meticulous preparation food and hydration-wise off track.

I love my career. I have some amazing writing gigs and work for some truly stellar people. I am thrilled to be so busy at the only thing I ever really wanted to do.

But dude! Combined with marathon training it has been a little more than KOO KOO NUTSO around here lately.

30 days until it goes back to “normal.” Though “normal” for me is still living life at the fastest and busiest possible pace.

So, 23 miles tomorrow. The last long run. The controversial over 20-mile marathon training run. For me, I am happy we are doing 23. After all, this is my first rodeo, so to speak.  16 miles was the first time I ran that. 18 miles was the first time I’d run that. 20 miles was… well, to be honest, pretty life changing. I walked around for a week or so dumbfounded by the fact that I’d actually done it and knowing that I did and I CAN makes me feel like just about anything is possible.

Yeah, my first marathon is going to be a VERY emotional experience, I suspect.

But back to those 23 miles — I’m glad we are doing 23 rather than stopping at 20 because it is my first and because it is San Francisco. 6 miles is still a long way after 20 at the point of having run 20 miles of insane hills. It is an hour or more of running at that point. 3 miles though, shit, I can crawl three miles if I have to. If the marathon comes down to SURVIVING it at the end, I can survive an unknown 3 mile distance. No problem. Endorphins and all.

Plus the last 3+ miles of the San Francisco Marathon are pretty flat. At least compared to the rest of the course.

I am usually pretty meticulous about how I eat prior to a long run. Unless the the run is on a Saturday. Fortunately today I thought ahead and took some mango and blueberries to work as well as pasta with some veggies in it.  Tonight I was going to have my traditional chicken, sweet potato, and green beans. But DUDE, it is Friday and I am WIPED THE FUCK OUT. So I am having these:

birdsnestsHave you had them? Onions, carrots, and kale. Bake for about 12-15 min per side. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer deliciousness. They taste so good that you are sure they have to be unhealthy. But they are pure, 100% veggies.

Notice what they are not, however. They are not chicken. They are not protein.  The thought of even walking 2 blocks to Trader Joes or Whole Foods or walking across the street to Maggiano’s is beyond me right now. (How’s that for 1. pathetic and 2. how awesome my neighborhood is?)

I am consoling my carnivorous self with the fact that there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian long distance runners and they don’t run out of energy mid run. However, I’m used to meat.

So there you go, once again on the night before my longest run ever I am playing it fast and loose with my regular routine.

I also know I should wear the (blue and white star pattern wonder woman) skirt I plan to wear in the marathon for my run tomorrow. But I don’t want to.

Apparently I like living dangerously.

I’m going to have a large glass of wine and ice my knee. Because last night, my darling labrador retriever ran headlong into my leg and hit my knee from the outside side of it and it went POP. Loudly. It hurts like a bruise but not bad. Still. What did I say to her? “It is 30 days and 7 hours until my marathon! You cannot do this now!”

So now you see the medical necessity of my glass of wine.

30 days until the San Francisco Marathon.



  • Goddamn dogs will getcha every time. I’m usually in such a panic a few weeks before a marathon that I literally stop, drop and roll when my fools come tearing ass across the yard. Follow up the wine with a glass of water. It’s all good.

    Good Luck! Cheers to living dangerously!!!