Marathon ready

Number-29-670x390Well it wasn’t pretty or easy and I definitely met and shook hands with the WALL before I told it to fuck off and kept going, but it is done. All 23 miles. I have amazing support from Audrey and Dan – my teammates, friends, and similar pace runners. I have a pretty unshakeable belief in myself. And I love a challenge.

I hit the wall around mile 18 and oh good god that was dark. I wanted to sit down on the curb and cry. I contemplated calling uber to come get me and take me back to my car. I really really had to grit my teeth and keep moving forward.


I did walk a lot of the last 6 miles and ALL of the last 4 as my knee that had a collision with Kokomo’s head on Thursday night was bothering me. Also, oddly enough I was walking faster than I was running at that point. So it only made sense to go with the faster pace (as well as the one that wouldn’t hobble me longer).

I felt strong for the first 16 miles. And then the wheels didn’t come off the bus per se, but they got awfully wobbly.

At mile 21 I realized that while I was very relieved to only have 2 more miles to go, if I had HAD to run an extra 3.2 and do the marathon today, I could have. It would not have been fast. It would not have been pretty but it would have gotten done.

Next up: lots and lots and lots of hill work!

But first, I am icing my knee, eating delicious food, drinking wine, water, and diet coke and laying on the couch. I may rally later but I doubt it. I got up at 4am. I ran 23 miles. There is no special occasion for which I need to leave the immediate vicinity of my couch.

29 days until the San Francisco Marathon